Until June – Discography

Until June – Discography

Unnoticed (2003, 320kbps)
1. What I’ve Done [Radio Edit]
2. All You Fear Is Gone
3. Unnoticed
4. Letter
5. Wait For Me In August
6. What I’ve Done

Why Not Stop? (2004, 320kbps)
1. Don’t Walk Away
2. Outer Space
3. Saddest Song
4. Sounds Of Summer
5. Always

Until June (2007, 192/320kbps)
1. Sleepless
2. What I’ve Done
3. The Saddest Song
4. Unnoticed
5. All I Have
6. Hindsight
7. Outer Space
8. Don’t Walk Away
9. This City
10. You Do
11. Underneath (Japan bonus track)


– from new album Sound Of Defeat coming out 2009

– from myspace

So, I had this before but then there was that massive cleanup and it got deleted because nobody replied in a while. The first two albums are indie albums under their previous name, there’s one more, but I can’t find it anywhere. For the major label debut in 2007, I have the Japan bonus track in the zip file and also seperate for anybody who just needs that, and also it’s ripped at 320 since it’s a bonus track and I always upload those at the best quality possible for people who aren’t able to buy it. The covers for the indie albums are scans because there are no promotional images for them and also below is a scan of the self-titled album.

Until June[/list]


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