Musicvideo Collection (>300 vids) – ALL ONLINE

I just started to upload and here are the first videos. I will always update this one post. So don’t search on the next pages, just look right here. 🙂

BUT! I want all of you who will download only one video to write a simple post in this thread! Just THX or something like that. Ok?!? Honor god with what you say and do.

The videos will be in alphabetical order: K:\Musikvideos\hochladen\ZOEgirl – Dismissed HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\hochladen\ZOEgirl – I Believe HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\hochladen\ZOEgirl – You Get Me.mpg K:\Musikvideos\12 Stones – Broken HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\12 Stones – Crash (live).mpg K:\Musikvideos\12 Stones – Far Away HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\12 Stones – Photograph.mpg K:\Musikvideos\12 Stones – The way I feel HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Adam Watts (Fallborn) – Critical Condition LIVE.mp4 K:\Musikvideos\Adam Watts (Fallborn) – The Hard Way LIVE acoustic.mp4 K:\Musikvideos\Adam Watts (Fallborn) – Would Be A Loser LIVE 2004.mp4 K:\Musikvideos\Anberlin – A day late.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Anberlin – Godspeed HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Anberlin – Paperthin Hymn K:\Musikvideos\Anberlin – Ready Fuels HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Anointed – Under The Influence HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Audio Adrenaline – Big House.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Audio Adrenaline – Get Down HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Audio Adrenaline – Hands And Feet HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Audio Adrenaline – Leaving 99 (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Audio Adrenaline – Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Audio Adrenaline – Ocean Floor HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Audio Adrenaline – Some Kind Of Zombie HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Avalon – In Not of HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\BarlowGirl – Grey HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\BarlowGirl – I Need You to Love Me HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\BarlowGirl – Never Alone.wmv K:\Musikvideos\Bebo Norman – Im Alright HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Bethany Dillon – Dreamer HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Big Dismal – Just the same HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Big Dismal – Rainy Day HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Big Dismal – Reality.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Big Dismal – Remember.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Big Tent Revival – Choose Life.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Big Tent Revival – What Would Jesus Do HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Bleach – Super Good Feeling HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Bleach – We Are Tomorrow HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Building 429 – Fearless.wmv K:\Musikvideos\Building 429 – Glory Defined HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Caedmons Call – Thankful (Live) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Casting Crowns – American Dream HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Casting Crowns – Voice Of Truth (Live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Cece Winans – More Than What I Wanted HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Chasing Furies – Thicker HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Chris Rice – Nothin HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Chris Rice – On the other side of the radio.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Chris Tomlin – Holy Is The Lord (Live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Chris Tomlin – Take My Life (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman – The Wonderful Cross (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\City On A Hill Featuring Jars of Clay – This Road HQ.MPG K:\Musikvideos\Clay Crosse – Saving the World HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Crystal Lewis – Lord I Believe In You HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\David Crowder Band – For ever and ever.mpg K:\Musikvideos\David Crowder Band – Here Is Our King (Live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\David Crowder Band – O Praise Him (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\DcTalk – Colored People HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\DcTalk – Consume Me HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\DcTalk – Day by Day HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\DcTalk – I Wish We had All Been Ready (live) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\DcTalk – Jesus Freak HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\DcTalk – Like It Love It Need It HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\DcTalk – Minds Eye live HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\DcTalk – My Friend (So Long) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\DcTalk – Since I Met You (Live) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Delirious  – fire_intro_8mb.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Delirious  – Inside Out.mpeg K:\Musikvideos\Delirious – Deeper HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Delirious – Everything HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Delirious – Give Me Everything K:\Musikvideos\Delirious – Gravity HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Delirious – Its OK.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Delirious – Take me away HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Delirious – Waiting by.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Everyday Sunday – Comfort Zone HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Everyday Sunday – Gypsy Girl HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Everyday Sunday – Lose it again HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Everyday Sunday – Wait.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Falling Up – K:\Musikvideos\FFH – One Of These Days HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Five Iron K:\Musikvideos\Geoff Moore and The Distance – Im Free HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Hawk Nelson – Califorina HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hawk Nelson – Every Little Thing HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hawk Nelson – The One Thing I Have Left HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong  Delirious  – Rain Down (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong  Delirious – Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong  Delirious – My Glorious (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong – Look To You (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong – Till I See You (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong Delirious  – King Of Majesty (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong Delirious – Everyday (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong Delirious – Free (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong Delirious – Majesty (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong Delirious – More Than Life (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong Delirious – Worthy Is The Lamb (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong United – All for love (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong United – All I need is you (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong United – Hosanna HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong United – Salvation is here (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong United – Take All Of Me HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong United – Tell the world (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong United – There is nothing like (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Hillsong United – What the world will never take (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Inhabited – Open My Eyes HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jaci Velasquez  – Adore HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jaci Velasquez – God So Loved HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jaci Velasquez – On My Knees HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jaci Velasquez – Un Lugar Celestial HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jars Of Clay – Crazy Times HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jars of Clay – five candles (you were there) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jars of Clay – Flood (MTV Version) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jars of Clay – Flood (Original Version) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jars of Clay – I Need You (live) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jars of Clay – Love Song for a Saviour (live) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jars of Clay – Unforgetful You HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jennifer Knapp – A Little More HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jennifer Knapp – Undome HQ.wmv K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – Beautiful One (live-unplugged) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – Empty Me (live-unplugged) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – I still believe (live-unplugged) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – My desire (live-unplugged) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – Restored (live-unplugged) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – Right Here (live-unplugged) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – Stay (live-unplugged) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – Take my life (live at dove awards) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – Take you back (live-unplugged) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – Take You Back HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – Understand (live-unplugged) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – Understand HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – Walk by faith (live at night of joy) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – Walk by faith (live-unplugged) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jeremy Camp – Walk By Faith HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\John Reuben – Nuisance HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jump5 – All I Can Do HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Jump5 – God bless the USA.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Jump5 – Spinnin Around HQ.MPG K:\Musikvideos\Kevin Max – Existence HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Kids in the way –  Phoenix with a heartache HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Krystal Meyers – Anticonformity.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Krystal Meyers – Fire HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Krystal Meyers – Make some noise.flv K:\Musikvideos\Krystal Meyers – The Beauty of Grace HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Kutless – Not what you see HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Kutless – Run HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Kutless – Sea of Faces HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Kutless – Shut me out HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Kutless – Strong Tower HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Kutless – Tonight HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Kutless – Your Touch HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Larue – Jaded HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\LaRue – Reason HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Leigh Nash – My Idea of Heaven HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Lifehouse – Blind (life at last call sep2005) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Lifehouse – Blind HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Lifehouse – Breathing.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Lifehouse – Hanging by a moment HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Lifehouse – Sick cycle carousel HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Lifehouse – Sky is falling (live at leno) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Lifehouse – Spin HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Lifehouse – Take Me Away (Amsterdam Concert Version).mpg K:\Musikvideos\Lifehouse – You and me HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Lifehouse – You and me HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Luna Halo – Superman HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Mae – Embers And Envelopes.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Mae – Someone Elses Arms.wmv K:\Musikvideos\Mae – Summertime HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Mae – Suspension HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Mark Schultz – Child of mine (live).mpg K:\Musikvideos\Mark Schultz – Hes my son (live).mpg K:\Musikvideos\Mark Schultz – I Have Been There HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Mark Schultz – Letters From War HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Mark Schultz – When you give (live).mpg K:\Musikvideos\Mary Mary – Shackles HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\MercyMe – Go.mpg K:\Musikvideos\MercyMe – Here am I.mpg K:\Musikvideos\MercyMe – Here with me (live).mpg K:\Musikvideos\MercyMe – Homesick (Live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\MercyMe – I Can Only Imagine.mpg K:\Musikvideos\MercyMe – So long self HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Michael W Smith – I still have the dream (live at freedom 2000).mpg K:\Musikvideos\Michael W Smith – Secret Ambition.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Michael W. Smith – Above All (live).mpg K:\Musikvideos\Michael W. Smith – Cry For Love HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Michael W. Smith – Dreaming of You.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Michael W. Smith – Healing Rain HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Michael W. Smith – I Will Be Here For You.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Michael W. Smith – Live the life HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Michael W. Smith – Love Me Good HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Michael W. Smith – This Is Your Time HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Miss Angie – Lift My Eyes HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Newsboys – Breakfast (live).mpg K:\Musikvideos\Newsboys – Entertaining Angels HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Newsboys – He Reigns HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Newsboys – It Is You (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Newsboys – Love Liberty Disco HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Newsboys – Shine HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Newsboys – Take Me To Your Leader HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Newsboys – Truth be Known (Live) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Nichole Nordeman – Legacy.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Nicole C. Mullen – Call On Jesus HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Nicole C. Mullen – Music Of My Heart (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Nicole C. Mullen – Redeemer HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Out of Eden – Lookin for Love HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Out Of Eden – Love Peace And Happiness HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Out of Eden – Lovely Day HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Out Of Eden – Meditation HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\P.O.D. – Alive HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\P.O.D. – Boom HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\P.O.D. – Goodbye For Now HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\P.O.D. – Rock the Party HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\P.O.D. – Satellite HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\P.O.D. – School of hard knocks HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\P.O.D. – Selah HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\P.O.D. – Sleeping Awake HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\P.O.D. – Will You HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\P.O.D. – Youth of the nation HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\P.O.D.- Lights Out HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Paige – Power In Your Hands HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Paul Colman – Turn.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Paul Wright – Your Love Never Changes.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Phillips – Craig and Dean – Crucified With Christ HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Pillar – Frontline HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Pillar – Further From Myself (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Plankeye – Goodbye HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Plumb – Unforgivable HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Plus One – God Is In This Place HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Plus One – Here I am To Worship (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Plus One – Written On My Heart HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Point of Grace – Begin With Me HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Point of grace – Circle Of Friends HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Point of Grace – Steady On HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Rachael Lampa – Live For You HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Rachael Lampa – Savior Song HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Rebecca St. James – God HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Rebecca St. James – Pray HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Rebecca St. James – Reborn HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Rebecca St. James – Side By Side.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Rebecca St. James – Youre the voice HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Rebecca St.James – Song of Love (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Rebecca St.James and Chris Tomlin – Expressions Of Your Love HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Relient K – Be My Escape HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Relient K – Devastation and Reform.AVI K:\Musikvideos\Relient K – Pressing On HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Relient K – Who I Am Hates Who Ive Been HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\RelientK – Must ve Done Something Right HQ.wmv K:\Musikvideos\Salvador – Lord I Come Before You HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Sanctus Real – As he did K:\Musikvideos\Sanctus Real – Everything About You HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Selah – You Rise Me Up HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Seventh Day Slumber – Caroline HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Seventh Day Slumber – Finally Awake HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Shane and Shane – He Is Exalted (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Shawn Mcdonald – All I Need (Live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Sixpence None The Richer – Angel Tread HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Sixpence None The Richer – Breathe your name.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Sixpence None The Richer – Don t Dream Its Over HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss me (dawsons creek) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Sixpence None The Richer – There She Goes.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Sixpence None The Richer – Trust (live).mpg K:\Musikvideos\Skillet – Looking For Angels HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Skillet – Rebirth K:\Musikvideos\Skillet – Saviour HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Skillet – Whispers in the dark HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Smalltown Poets – There is Only You HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Sonicflood – Cry Holy HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Stacie Orrico – Everything HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Stacie Orrico – Genuine HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Stacie Orrico – I promise HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Stacie Orrico – More To Life HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Stacie Orrico – Stuck HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Stellar Kart – Life Is Good HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Steven Curtis Chapman – Dive HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Steven Curtis Chapman – Let Us Pray HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Steven Curtis Chapman – Live Out Loud HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Steven Curtis Chapman – Not Home Yet HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Steven Curtis Chapman – The Lord Of The Dance HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Steven Curtis Chapman – The Walk.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Steven Curtis Chapman – When Love Takes You In HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Superchic[k] – Barlow Girl HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Superchic[k] – We live HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Supertones – Little Man HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Switchfoot – Awakening.avi K:\Musikvideos\Switchfoot – Dare you to move HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Switchfoot – Meant to live HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Switchfoot – New Way To Be Human HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Switchfoot – Stars HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Switchfoot – Stars HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Switchfoot – This is home (Prince Caspian).mpg K:\Musikvideos\Switchfoot – This is your life (live sessions at aol) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Switchfoot – We are one tonight HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Switchfoot – You already take me there HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Tait – Altars HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Tait – Lose this life.mpg K:\Musikvideos\The Afters – Beautiful Love HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\The Benjamin Gate – All Over Me HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\The Elms – Hey Hey HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Third Day – Come Together (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Third Day – Consuming Fire HQ.mpeg K:\Musikvideos\Third Day – Cry out to Jesus.wmv K:\Musikvideos\Third Day – I Believe (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Third Day – Its a shame HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Third Day – Love Song HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Third Day – My Hope Is You (live) HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Third Day – Wire HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Third Day – You Are Mine (Live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Third Day – You Make Me Mad HQ.mpg K:\Musikvideos\Third Day – Your Love oh Lord HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Thousand Foot Krutch – Rawkfist HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Tim Hughes – Beautiful One (live) HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Todd Agnew – Unchanging One HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Tree63 – King HQ.avi K:\Musikvideos\Warren Barfield – Come alive live acoustic HQ.mp4 K:\Musikvideos\Warren Barfield – Love is not a fight HQ.mp4 K:\Musikvideos\Westlife – You Raise Me Up.wmv


Uma resposta

  1. “Nothing” do Chris Rice!!! Sempre quiz este video clip!!!
    Posta mais video clips viu?!!!
    Brigadão mesmo!!!!

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