Aly and AJ – Discography ( Into The Rush, Accoustic Hearts Of Winter, Insomniatic )

Into The Rush (2005/2006, 128kbps)
1. Chemicals React
2. Shine
3. Never Far Behind
4. Something More*
5. Collapsed*
6. Rush
7. No One
8. On The Ride
9. In A Second
10. Speak For Myself
11. Out Of The Blue
12. I Am One Of Them
13. Sticks And Stones
14. Protecting Me
15. Slow Down
16. Do You Believe In Magic
17. Walking On Sunshine
18. Something More [New Version]*
19. Collapsed [New Version]*

*read below

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Accoustic Hearts Of Winter (2006, 320kbps)
1. Greatest Time Of Year
2. Joy To The World
3. We Three Kings
4. The First Noel
5. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
6. Silent Night
7. I’ll Be Home For Christmas
8. Let It Snow
9. Deck The Halls
10. Little Drummer Boy
11. Not This Year
12. We Wish You A Merry Christmas*
13. Winter Wonderland*
14. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree*
*Target bonus tracks

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Iniciar Download (Voz)
Insomniatic (2007, 320kbps)

1. Potential Breakup Song
2. Bullseye
3. Closure
4. Division (?)
5. Like It Or Leave It
6. Like Whoa
7. Insomniatic
8. Silence
9. If I Could Have You Back
10. Blush
11. Flattery
12. I’m Here
13. Careful With Words*
14. Tears*
15. Chemicals React [Remix]*

*read below

  • *credit to MrPine for “Tears”

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So for Into The Rush, basically the original started with Rush as track 1, but on the deluxe version, the three new songs were moved to the beginning and also “Collapsed” and “Something More” were re-recorded so those were also moved to the beginning, but after the brand new songs. For this, I replaced the “new versions” with the originals and moved the “new version” to the very end of the album

Acoustic Hearts Of Winter originally had 11 tracks and was released in October 2006, but in November 2006, Target released it with “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” as a bonus track. Target then re-released it again in October 2007 with it and the other two tracks as bonus tracks.

For Insomniatic, “Chemicals React [Remix]” is track 13. “Careful With Words” is a Wal-Mart exclusive bonus track and “Tears” is a Target exclusive bonus track and both are track 14 on the discs at their respective stores. But for my personal use, I moved the remix to the end so it’d be after the actual new songs.

For “Jingle Bell Rock”, that album was actually released twice, that’s why there’s two covers and why I didn’t list the year like I did in the Everlife discography. Myself, I use the green cover but I use the blue cover’s details (track number, year, etc.). If you’d rather use the details from the green one, it’s track 6 and is from 2005.

Into The Rush | ITR: Deluxe | ITR: Deluxe (edit) | Acoustic Hearts Of Winter | Insomniatic

(the deluxe version is editted because it’s a weird cover, it’s like they stretched the photos to make them wider, this fixes it some)

Blessed Gospel adverte: Este cd não é de coletânea cristã, mas pode ser usada e ouvida, tudo depende ao ponto de vista de cada um da mesma forma como U2, Catedral e outros.

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